This wine tasted like sex

Recently, catching up over unremarkable beer and far too many hours in the hot tub with my partner and brother in law, we opened one bottle of wine that stood out to me in particular, from a winery known as Little Farm. Cawston, BC is where their vines call home.

I've had the privilege of enjoying Little Farm on a number of occasions. Being a huge fan of their portfolio for a number of years, I recall a humiliating fan girl moment when I met proprietor, Rhys Pender, and proceeded to wax poetic about his orange wine.

The bottle we opened this particular night was the Little Farm 2016 Cabernet Franc, a varietal I've developed a devoted affinity for, with exciting examples increasingly emerging from BC. I had the great fortune of coming across the bottle at a local wine boutique.

My brother in law can best be described as a stubborn, Libertarian intellectual who also happens to be a wine neophyte. As he rambled on about the prosaic nature of our generation - explicitly detailing his concern and disgust with the average millennial - he took it one step further to lament 'who is the Beethoven of our generation?', I couldn't help but direct my gaze to the Little Farm Cabernet Franc that sat quietly and expectantly in our goblets.

What ensued was nothing short of ironic or better described as comical. My brother in law was rendered speechless after his first sip. A few moments later, he uttered something along the lines of 'this is the best wine I have ever tasted'.

This, coming from a guy who had the audacity to preach that our generation, was inherently lacking in any creativity. All the while, something brilliant coyly stared him right in the face.

And the wine? Nothing short of absolutely stunning. Pure would be an appropriate description for Little Farm. Working with organic fruit, foot trodding their grapes, choosing not to fine or filter. The wine was hazy, imperfect, and stunning. It smelt of sun bathed raspberries, musk, sweat, and sex.

We're so thrilled to be partnering Little Farm for our next Crushable feature, so that you too can taste incredible wines like this. Sign up here so you don't miss the pack:

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