The breakout Cabernet Franc of 2020

"I hate it when cab franc is too glou glou....I like it with a bit of grip, like this one." exclaimed my partner while enjoying a glass of the Therianthropy 2018 Negotiant Cabernet Franc, paired with a viewing of Meet Joe Black (the movie, while a bit of a disappointment, stars 1998 Brad Pitt - there are no words).

I came across the wines of Therianthropy at The Living Vine pop up in Toronto in the fall of 2019, where I had the opportunity to taste the latest release of winemaker David Eiberg's 2017 Gamay. David is making his wines out of the cellar at Cloudsley Cellars in Vineland, Ontario.

Much of the criteria I look for in a wine - especially an aromatic variety like cabernet franc - are met with the Negotiant. Wild, whole cluster fermentation, a lengthy élevage in neutral oak, and minimal additions of S02.

I once read tasting notes about cabernet franc from the Loire Valley described as cinnamon hearts - and ever since, I couldn't get that thought out of my head. David's expression of Ontario cab franc expresses itself in a similar camp, yet in its own unique right. It was all Turkish Delight and hay bale on the nose, with a powdery, finessed like texture on the palate. From start to finish, it had me inhaling the intoxicating nose repetitively. 10/10 would recommend.

Find out more about Therianthropy here, along with information where to buy a bottle for yourself to try.


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