SILK + COUPE's most read articles of 2020

2020: the year of heightened emotions, political unrest, activism, the end of probably (a few) friendships and hopefully some long overdue realizations and personal growth.

It's an eye opening exercise to look back on how far we've come while taking stock on whether the same beliefs still hold true. Some were probably shed, but many likely came more into focus than ever before.

Here were the top performing articles written in 2020.

Joel Burt of Las Jaras Wines: Why we need to be less tribal about wine

Tyler Harlton: A farmer's approach to winemaking

Brent Rowland: hedonistic winemaking

Caring for each other feels good - but it's also good for business

Is influencer marketing beneficial for the wine industry?

How do we fix wages in the wine industry?

The hidden gems of the Canadian wine industry

Femme Soif: An erotic fiction

Playing God in the wine industry

CRUSHABLE'S Canadian Low Intervention Winery Guide


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