Femme Soif

It was after 2:00 AM when the party finally ended. Well coiffed and over-sauced guests oozed into the elevator. She had only met him that evening, but felt an undeniable exhilaration as he locked the door and turned to study her more carefully.

--Hours earlier--

@winedude 11:37pm After party?

@femmesoif 11:45pm Where?

@winedude . 11:50pm At the hotel with the group.

@femmesoif 12am Ok, see you guys soon.

She'd been pining for that message after months of flirtation in their DM's. She wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but the conversation and its blatant subtext begged to be explored.

An industry event presented an opportunity for them to finally meet. A special tasting had finally afforded them the chance.

She arrived early, making sure to look the part. Silk trousers hugged her curves seductively, luscious chestnut locks cascaded over her dainty shoulders and a sheen of gloss drew the eye to her naturally pink pout. She caught his arrival in her periphery and thought to herself, "He's...beefier than I expected. Possible former athlete?" Despite exchanging pleasantries with other colleagues on opposite ends of the room – his presence was ever palpable.

Their eyes met as he made his way over in a cocksure stride like the experienced lothario he was. His mischievous smile elicited a visceral reaction within her. The carnal energy rendered her off kilter. Their small talk floated meaninglessly between them. Sussing out chemistry was their only goal. She walked away attempting to shrug off the transcendent pull toward him. His brooding gaze only ignited the burning desire within her further.

Observing him felt like torture. She couldn’t tear her eyes away. It was a type of lust she could only remember feeling as a teenager. His intellect and razor sharp wit only deepened the intrigue.

Hours later once the event had wrapped, a quick glance around the room confirmed he’d departed. She failed to deny a creeping disappointment that she may not see him again. Her phone buzzed, alerting her of his request to join him at the hotel after party. She didn’t bother to play it cool – she was going wherever he was. She was prepared to relinquish all control.

Nervous energy overtook her as she arrived at the after party. The excitement of what was about to unfold plagued her.

Loud chatter and laughter permeated the room. The who's who were present, gushing over myriad bottles littering the table - Dujac, Thévenet, Bea, Ganevat. The environment was seductive, complimented by glittering conversation and sophisticated company. Finding an opening, he approached her. She was caught off guard by his eyes, a shade of steel blue so piercing, she had to fight every inkling to look away by sheer intimidation. Their banter flowed effortlessly, woven with historical soliloquies and philosophical overtures. "You're kind of a savant, you know that?" she gushed. He met her eyes with a shy smile, quickly followed by a hint of a grin. He only had to smile with his eyes for her to feel his warmth before he even touched her.

It was getting close to 2am, yet she couldn't bring herself to leave.

Finally, the last couple departed. An uncomfortable silence followed, while they attempted to ignore the sexual tension. She sized him up, maintaining an intense gaze. He took notice of her lips, and how they began to part, giving way to a shortness of breath. He stopped for a moment to take her in and relish her beauty.

He came to sit opposite her on the hotel bed.

"Why did you decide to stay?" he asked coyly.

She answered by gesturing for him to inch toward her.

He moved closer, brushing her arm with the back of his hand, as he remarked how incredibly soft her skin was. He realized he was holding his breath.

She peered into his eyes, looking away often to break the intensity of his stare. He was the type of handsome that was painful to take in. She didn't want the moment to end, yet couldn't wait to give into her urges.

They held off for what felt like eternity - finally giving into a first kiss so natural, she knew it'd be one she would fantasize of for some time. They stopped periodically to quell the shock of what was transpiring between them.

Finally, they gave in to the voracious hunger that had been afflicting them for hours.

With partners from her past, insecurities would inevitably bubble up. She took notice of this, as an out of body moment overtook her. She had completely let go, releasing all her inhibitions. She wondered how she'd never experienced sex like this before.

Their interlude carried on for hours, sprinkled with vignettes of easy conversation, the type of exchange that happens only post coitus between new lovers.

She finally left at 5am, barely able to tear herself away from his body. This would be the start of a torrid tryst.


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