Defying the Instagram Wine Gods

Have you got Insta-worthy fatigue yet this lockdown?

I may be biting the hand that feeds me...

I'm getting a little tired of the oh-so-obvious wine brand that was orchestrated solely to be Brag Worthy on social.

Used as a communication and outreach system, it’s great.

But it’s creepytown when a producer so transparently creates a label for the story feed. Along with the de rigueur “picked under the waning moon while 5 shaman sung forest songs in the background” low-fi tale that accompanies it, like a piece of cat-vomit modern art that requires a 15 page essay to justify its lack of craft.

Sometimes when people hate on low intervention wine, we need to remember it’s because they got taken in with flawed but trendy juice.

Or worse, the folks that take their bulk, industrial, manipulated product, slap a new label on it, and call it their natural series.

You’ve all seen the labels:

Some kind of pastel watercolor or a re-creation from their kid’s crayon sketch at breakfast.

I can’t hate on someone trying to make a buck.

But we also don’t have to drink meh wine when there is so much great stuff around.

Stuff where they put the value and the work into the bottle. First, at least.

I've found that the really great producers are too busy killing themselves to make great wine to worry about how they are going to hoodwink consumers with flash and storytelling. Yet somehow the mediocre producers all have time and budgets for that.

Ah well.

No one said drinking decadent luxury goods would be easy.


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