6 podcasts catered to your personality

The podcast arena is vast - from pointless drivel to educational content - there's something out there for everyone. I've handpicked 6 podcasts about wine that will appeal to ability levels and knowledge of all kinds.

For the elegant sophisticate, honing topics of interest to discuss at her next salon:

Juice Wine

A tattoo artist and sommelier who love to drink wine do just that, while sharing their informed opinions and observations.

"Our journey began through our friendship. We spent a lot of time talking about wine in our spare time. Guen also listens to many other podcasts. Over a few bottles, I had mentioned that a woman who ran a cheese shop kept trying to convince me to do a wine podcast and that evening, we spoke about how there were not enough women's voices or younger voices out there communicating in an engaging and natural way about wine, so we decided to start Juice. If you listen to the podcast, you will quickly know that Guen is obsessed with aromatics, in particular the very out of trend varietal Gewürztraminer. I drink a lot of Italian wine in general, but its always changing. Most of the podcasts are with Guen and I. We have quite a natural flow together so the idea is that our listeners feel like they are sitting with us and are part of or an observer to a very natural conversation. We do on occasion invite guests who we believe to be inspiring or offer an engaging perspective on wine, usually someone who specialises in a particular topic or a producer. Our podcast topics vary between a single grape varietal, style or regional focus to funny informal activities like making gluhwein or Frose or late night convenience wine buys."

Season 2 launches on the 4th October. Episodes are available every Friday, on all platforms, including YouTube.

For the educated bro, who likes high brow booze:


I came upon an episode of this podcast recently and it had me captivated with its unfiltered, somewhat brash storytelling. An experience was regaled when hosts Adam Teeter and Zach Garbrielle visited a natural wine bar in Brooklyn, sharing details of the manager, who claimed he was "anti knowledge", setting forth a hilarious commentary on the sometimes problematic trend of natural wine.

Covering all topics from beer to cocktails, this is a laid back, digestible medium in which to learn about new and trendy liquids.

Available for streaming on Itunes and Stitcher.

For the scholarly type, who likes in depth background on wine luminaries:

I'll Drink To That

Levi Dalton lands big names on his show, and manages to get them talking about their childhoods, or university days - giving great insight into what led them down their career paths.

"I thought there was room for content that was designed for people who were already really into wine, and who want to take that interest further.  I often see content that is meant for beginners, or for people who aren't sure that they really like wine. That's a great goal, to convert new folks to the wonders of wine, but I think there are a lot of options for that out there already.  I wanted to go in a different direction.  It has been 7 years and there has been plenty of chances to learn and to make the show continually better, which are things that drive me, certainly. In terms of guest selection, I follow Marie Kondo rules.  If the idea of speaking with a particular person sparks interest and joy, then I go for that.  Otherwise, no.  There are so many amazing people in the wine world, there are always more interviews to search out."

Available on iTunes and Soundcloud.

For the all knowing wine savant who wants in depth info on brettanomyces:


Hosted by MS and GuildSomm president, Geoff Kruth, this is a high level, educational style podcast hosting wine scientists, viticulturists and oenology professors. Listen to entire episodes on the topic of yeast, or the subregions of Rias Baixas - this is not meant for wine amateurs.

"I started the podcast about eight years ago as another style of content that GuildSomm members and wine professionals in general would be interested in. We usually brainstorm topics a couple months out and then try to figure out who would be compelling voices to speak on those topics."

Available on iTunes.

For "love to hate" guilty pleasure listening:

Natural Disasters

Hosted by natural wine crusaders Marissa Ross and Adam Vourvoulis - who thoroughly enjoy making a mockery of the wine industry, namely, the institutions responsible for accrediting sommeliers and their accompanying pins. It's clear they don't take themselves too seriously, or have any real or valuable knowledge either, so despite the intended irony of the whole bit - the joke's kind of on them. Listen to this purely for shits and giggles - not to actually learn anything - because you probably won't.

Available on itunes.

For the person always on the hunt for that "new new"

Matt Talks Wine & Stuff with Interesting People

Matthew Cauz is a Toronto radio personality (you can hear him daily on TSN) with a penchant for wine. A WSET diploma graduate, he started his podcast 6 months ago, recording it out of his downtown apartment. While primarily focused on wine, having interviewed a number of noteworthy winemakers, he coined the title to preface that it's about more than just wine.

"I started the ‘Matt Talks Wine & Stuff with Interesting People’ Podcast because of a passion for wine, a curiosity to learn more about where it all comes from and most importantly I love to hear a good tale. From restaurant managers, wine exporters, Master Sommeliers to the winemakers themselves everyone has a fascinating journey about how they got into wine and where their passion came from. I wanted to hear their stories. What inspires me is to make wine more fun, more accessible and less intimidating. Wine is supposed to be an expression of joy and a damn good part of any meal yet so many people get nervous shopping at the LCBO and they want nothing to do with the restaurant wine list that looks like some ancient wizards tomb to so many diners. Hopefully this podcast can help people enjoy wine more while learning a little bit about what’s in their glass. As I write this it’s 8:13am so naturally my glass is filled with a Mosel Riesling, I find the lesser alcohol is a more responsible decision for my morning wine."

Available on iTunes.


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