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The unsung female heroes of the wine industry

I have the privilege of meeting countless influential and inspirational individuals in the wine industry regularly. Many of these people are relatively unknown - mostly by design - some, by virtue of bad timing, luck or both.

The discovery of these incredible humans has been special - something I cherish. Each month I'll be featuring a woman who has inspired me in a huge way to be and do better - rising and challenging myself to occupy a greater echelon of existence.

I'll be sharing the stories in their own words to really showcase their authentic voice.

This month - Laura Jane Faulds. I encountered Laura on Instagram (similarly to how I seem to meet most of my wine friends these days) through her incredibly whimsical and unusual style of writing about wine, examples like articles entitled "Cabernet Franc gives zero fucks" or "It's not Sauvignon Blanc's fault" had me captivated the second I found her.

"My name is Laura Jane and I started being a writer when I was born but I didn't write about wine until many many years later. I arbitrarily decided to become a sommelier while drinking a bottle of Sancerre several Januaries ago, mostly because I hated my job at the time, and it sounded like something I could probably pull off. I quit my job & moved away to London, England, to go to wine school. It didn't occur to me that I would be able to connect my wine stuff to my "writeriness" but I soon realized that my predilection for "describing what things are like" provided me with a great advantage as a sommelier. The longer I lived and more wine I tasted, the more I understood how wine can be a vessel for emotion, memory, and nostalgia: for things that happened, and things that didn't: for dreams unrealized, lives unlived. There is simply nothing more exciting to write about! Sometimes I write silly lists of what Zodiac signs or Beatles songs different wines would be, and other times I pour my goddamned heart out. Good wine doesn't have to be too serious, although it's fine if it is- I just want it to taste delicious. And I feel the same way about my writing."

You can find examples of Laura's writing here.

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