9 wines you should be drinking this summer

If you've been drinking wine for the better part of your adult life, indefinitely, your palate transitions toward a specific style of juice. Gone are the days of desiring beefy and unctuous reds that sock you in the face with overt tannin and body. Instead, you probably look for wines that quell crippling hangovers. You know the ones - low alcohol, high acid, plush, super crushable wines you want to drink all night long. As you age, it's a sad reality that attempting to handle more than one bottle of 16% abv Mclaren Vale Shiraz isn't going to happen.

The following is a list of low intervention wines you can enjoy in any weather but are most apropos for the summer - reds included - that can be enjoyed with a slight chill and masquerade as refreshing just as much as any white or bubble.

I have linked each wine to their respective website for ordering. (with exception of Keenan, Tall Tale and Else Wines - please connect with me directly for more information)

2016 Orofino Pinot Noir

A mid century armchair, velvet, sleek and polished. Sourced from three pinot noir vineyards located in the Similkameen valley, hand harvested, wild fermented, aged 10 months. Unfined and unfiltered.

2018 Sage Hills Sauvignon Blanc/Sémillon

Salted pineapple swishy goodness - this is so forgiving and will pair with anything from cheeses to salads. Organically farmed and grown in Oliver. Co-fermented and left on lees for 7 months before bottling. Unfiltered and unfined, minimal So2 added.

2018 Keenan Sauvignon Blanc

A real thinker of a drinker - this is a wine that'll make you go, woah, what the hell did I just taste? And then you'll proceed to crush the entire bottle. Organically farmed in Oliver. Removed from stems and fermented on skins for 33 days. Pressed by hand in small basket press, aged in neutral oak for 7 months on lees. Hand bottled. Zero additions made to the wine at any point in its life.

2018 Else Muscat

One of those effortlessly pretty women who don't need makeup, look perfect in everything and are the definition of dainty and lithe. Fruit sourced from Oliver which spent two weeks on skins following fermentation to 100% dryness. Racked straight into puncheons for two months for softening and texture then back into stainless steel until bottling to tighten it back up.

2017 Tall Tale Sémillon

That green apple wax candle you loved in elementary school, in juice form with booze added. Sémillon sourced from Okanagan Falls, whole cluster pressed into stainless steel, wild fermented, a bit of sulphur added then bottled.

2018 Winemaker's Cut Rosé

Fleshy, strawberries and cream delight. Estate cabernet franc and syrah from Deadman Lake, hand harvested, no skin contact, gentle press, stainless steel fermentation.

2017 Synchromesh Stormhaven Pinot Noir

Grab a few bottles of this, head to the river and toss them straight into the stream to cool off. Hemingway picnic wine. Sourced from younger pinot vines (2014), whole cluster pressed, aged in 50% new oak barrels for 10 months.

2018 Ricco Bambino Grenache

Succulent hipster juice. No additions, de-stemmed whole berry fermentation, 9 days on skins, stainless steel fermentation and aged for 6 months, minimal So2 added.

2018 Crooked Crown Pétillant Naturel

If rocket candy was a wine - this would be it. 100% chardonnay primary fermentation in concrete, no additions, 5 months on lees prior to disgorging, zero dosage.

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