So, you want to know about natural wine?

Natural wine - a wildly popular style of fermented juice that seems to have exploded on to the scene in recent years. While this isn't actually the case - people have been making it for centuries - there's been a certain revolution among consumers looking for more honesty and transparency in the beverages they drink as of late. Wine, after all, is a food product. If we're going to be prudent about sourcing local and organic food - shouldn't we be doing the same with our drink?

If you're looking to educate yourself in the world of natural wine, there are books aplenty.

Here are three of my current favourites, and one yet to be released that you should definitely get your hands on when it comes out.

Natural Wine - Isabelle Legeron MW

If this book doesn't make you fall in love with natural wine and question drinking conventionally, mass produced stuff ever again - then you might be soulless.

Amber Revolution - Simon J. Woolf

While not necessarily a book about natural wine - it tells the tale of the ancient method of making orange wine, a style that has become synonymous with the category.

The Dirty Guide to Wine - Alice Feiring

Alice Feiring is known among the industry as the crusader of natural wine. Alice was promoting natural wine well before it was considered cool - I'm talking in the 90's. Alice was, and still remains a risk taker - she makes no apologies for her beliefs, and remains steadfast in her approach to writing, wine and life.

Natural Wine for the People - Alice Feiring

Alice Feiring's newest book - available for preorder now, to be released in August. Who is as excited as I am?!

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