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The thing I love but sometimes dread about wine is its ever evolving nature. Perpetual reading is required to stay on top of trends, technological advances and changes that are happening constantly. Here are some articles I particularly enjoyed lately. Stay tuned weekly while I share what I'm reading.

What is carbonic maceration?

Guild Somm

Carbonic maceration produces a particularly crush worthy style of wine the French refer to as "glou glou". Here's how it's produced:


Wine Stories That Will Shape 2019

Punch drink

While one should never take credit for speculation (even if accurate), the past generally nods at where trends are going. This article does a great job at predicting what will likely be the most talked about topics in 2019 and some that already are:


Good Dogs Sniff Cork Taint

Wine Spectator

Likely the cutest article you'll read this week. Certain wineries are employing dog's snouts to suss out the chemical known as TCA/TCB that causes bacteria build up in corks, thus ruining the wine in the bottle. Cork taint can be subtle at times but gets worse once the bottle is opened and generally smells of wet cardboard, or mould.


Jeannette Winterson Wine Lover Cellar Secrets

The Guardian

I love this article. This is a make no apologies homage to drinking good wine simply because one can, and should. There is far too much garbage wine out there being consumed on the regular, and I agree with the author in this case that I'd rather drink nothing at all than shit wine.


German Scientists Simulate Climate Change to Save Wine


Climate change is becoming an increasingly challenging issue for wine regions all over the world. Wildfires are a common problem especially in Canada, USA, and Australia. Read on to see how these scientists simulated climate change and what type of fruit resulted from their experiments.


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