• Laura Milnes

10 best Christmas gifts for wine lovers

We've all been there - what do you buy your wine snob friend, spouse or family member? It can be daunting and intimidating. You worry if you'll pick the right gift, or if the wine you've selected will be worthy of their discerning palate.

I've removed the mystique for you and suggested what I, personally, think any wine lover would be happy to receive as a gift, whether amateur or expert!

1. "Le Nez du Vin" - this is an amazing resource to hone your olfactories. Learn about common aromas found in classical styles and varieties, or learn about common faults found in wine.


2. Decanter - every wine lover needs one in their home. Useful for opening up young wines that are "tight", or for ridding wine that may have a lot of sediment at the bottom of a bottle. (found often in older wines)


3. Vintage stemware - who doesn't love sipping wine out of something super chic and one of a kind?


4. Art - what wine lover doesn't love showing off how much they know about wine?


5. Subscription to a wine club: one of my personal favourites is Okanagan Wine Club. Twice a month, they feature different wineries. The caveat? The wineries are small, boutique and typically family run.


6. Wine crank - the right kind! A two stage wine crank is the only way to go, and almost exclusively used by servers and sommeliers for the ease of opening wine bottles.


7. Tickets to an unexpected or unusual wine tasting: I don't even live in Toronto but if you're in the wine community, you know all the rage right now is Grape Witches. This two woman team are single handedly changing the wine scene. They're educating consumers on natural wine, orange and everything in between through super fun events like wine cruises or wine raves. Check out their website for upcoming events:


8. Wine tshirts: what better way to show off your love of wine than to wear it? Check out these super fun new shirts soon to be released on SILK + COUPE:


9. Wine tour: give the gift of experiences with Experience Wine Tours, one of the most reputable wine tour companies in the Okanagan. Their tour guides are highly knowledgeable in wine and food, and they offer picnics with food sourced locally.


10. Wine! Gifting wine to the wine lover will never get old. With the ability to source wines online, and ship direct to door, it's effortless to find a perfect wine for your lovable oeonphile. Marquis Wine Cellars ships all over BC.


Merry Christmas!

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