10 food + wine pairings that'll change your life

Let's face it, we all want to shovel our faces with good food and equally good booze. Having sold wine for as long as I have - the closing exchange, without fail - is always: "what food do you eat this with?". If I can tantalize and tempt you with some image of grandeur as it pertains to a particularly enticing dish - and just so happen to have a wine that'll pair perfectly with it - there's no way you're not walking out the door without a bottle under your arm pit. So with that said - whether you're a newbie in wine, give zero shits about wine, or consider yourself a seasoned oenophile - here are pairings you need and should know. You're welcome, in advance for the palate orgasm you're about to have.

Orange wine with salt and vinegar chips

I know, this sounds super douchey and pretentious - but just trust me. Orange wine, white wine made in the same way as red in that it's fermented on the skins - results in a savoury, and slightly bitter style of white wine, and as such, needs food in this same category. Grab a bottle of The Hatch Orange Order, and a bag of Miss Vickie's salt and vinegar chips, and see for yourself.

Beef tartare and oaked chardonnay

Big, or oaked styles of Chardonnay require foods cut from the same cloth - full bodied and lots of weight. What better pairing than beef tartare? A general rule in food and wine pairing is to match weight with weight, and this holds true here. Give the tartare at Krafty in downtown Kelowna a try, and have it with a bottle of Black Swift Pine Crest Chardonnay.

Verdejo and green mango salad

High acid, herbaceous foods? Find a wine that identifies. Verdejo is just that, and grassy - and it pairs perfectly with this refreshing and clean salad. Pick up a bottle of Egeo from Rueda to enjoy with this dish.

Pinot Noir with truffle, morel, and goat cheese pizza

Pinot Noir - you devilish beast. No matter where you seem to find it - whether the old world styles hailing from Burgundy or new world styles from the Okanagan - there's always an earthy undercurrent, with a light bodied, and austere finish. Pair pinot with anything earthy and it's a match made in heaven. Try this pairing with beautiful pinot noir from Meyer, in Okanagan Falls.

Riesling (off dry) and fried chicken

Grease needs acid and acid needs grease. Enough said. Give a bottle of 8th Generation Riesling a try - and don't feel bad if your initial thoughts of fried chicken, were in fact, a McChicken (it's a personal favourite).

Muscadet and butter chicken

Highly aromatic, perfumed and floral, and bright acidity with a creaminess, due to aging on the lees - makes this a match made in pairing heaven. Give the Loire style a try, known as Muscadet Sevre et Maine.

Bubbles and popcorn

Buttered popcorn goes well with traditionally made sparklings - Cava is a perfect pairing in this case, and easy on the pocket book. Freixenet, and Segura, are sub $20, outstanding, examples.

Sauvignon Blanc with quinoa fritters and gremolata sauce

Sauvignon Blanc has a natural herbaceous character - making it perfect for having with dishes loaded with fresh herbs. Try the Sauvignon Blanc from Le Vieux Pin to enjoy with this appetizer.

Vermentino and gnocchi with brown butter and sage sauce

A varietal with great structure, florality and notes of honey - which give it the character needed to stand up to a dish this rich. Give the LVNAE Vermentino a try.

Cabernet Franc and pasta alla puttanesca

Cabernet Franc can have a distinct personality - that being vegetal, savoury and peppery, which pair well with this traditionally Italian dish lovingly referred to a "prostitute pasta". Try a style from Painted Rock.

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