Top 3: West Kelowna Winery Restaurants

Blu Saffron at Volcanic Hills

I'll be honest; I wouldn't describe this winery as a "destination" in the Okanagan. The wines are reputable, however, the overall ambience of the winery is a little ... lacklustre. Having said that, some library vintages of their Merlot and Pinot Noir are amazing, so don't let the casual vibe of the winery deceive the perceived calibre of their wines. Despite all of this, you MUST go to the restaurant. Without fail, every time I visit, the food is HUSTLER. The prime rib burger requires little romancing, served with onion bhaji, and truffle fries - this is true hangover food. My standby is the chicken papardelle, served with whole cloves of roasted garlic, black olives, and sun dried tomatoes, it's bangin' each and every time. We paired our meal this particular visit with a bottle of Volcanic Hills 2013 Pinot Noir and it worked amazingly well with both dishes.

The Barrel Top Grill at Little Straw

One of the most underrated wineries in the Okanagan, with a very old world, European soul; with an étude of restraint and elegance in their wines, showing no shortage of longevity in their styles. Specialising in tapas; specifically charcuterie & vegetarian boards, including combos of both, if you're particularly peckish. This year they'll be offering shrimp and smoked pork tacos, in addition to the boards, including specials on the weekends. Currently only open on the weekends for the month of May, contingent upon traffic and construction in the area.

Red Fox at Indigenous World Winery

This is one of those places that is so unexpected, endearing and surprising. I admittedly went in with extremely low expectations only to be firmly and utterly put in my place. The first time I ate here; I enjoyed deep fried, head on, (eyeballs and all) anchovies - a dish I am hard pressed to find anywhere in BC due to the general squeamish nature of most North American palates. The second time; bannock smothered with cheese and garlic, followed by bison, and duck, cooked to perfection. The wines here, are also of exquisite delicacy, high acidity and perfect balance. I truly can't say enough good things about this restaurant - just go.

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