Websites I love

Here are websites I visit regularly for their unique, interesting and educational content. Not all wine related, but excellently curated, elegant and easy to read!

Wine Folly

These guys are known for their cheeky, fun, funky and always educational posts on anything and everything to do with wine. A must follow on Instagram, and a great go to for the wine lover in your life for gift giving - their infographics are on point, along with a plethora of fantastic wine maps.

Wine Anorak

A legend in the wine world, Jamie Goode takes wine passion to the next level. If you really want to geek out, learn in depth about wine science, this will be your new favourite site. With endless posts on super obscure regions, deep tasting notes, and in depth discussions on topics such as brettanomyces and other wine faults, terroir and more - add his site to your favourites!

Blanc de Blonde

I stumbled upon this exquisite woman on Instagram while looking for wine related content. Her wine descriptions are some of the most unique I've seen, she's a wizard at graphic design, AND she recommends a boat load of sexy literature. A new venture she's embarking upon is a wine + book club - definitely something up my alley!

A Cup of Jo

While researching inspirations when I first started SILK + COUPE, this blog came up again and again as one of the "it" lifestyle blogs du jour. It's no surprise why - her authentic, unapologetic approach to style, design, sex, relationships and more - is infectious. The aesthetic of the site is beautiful, too, and includes no shortage of "series" posts on fashion and much more.

Noble Rot

While not actually a "blog" - this is actually one of my favourite wine zines that also operates as a wine bar and restaurant in London. It's some of the most hilarious, and unique wine writing I've read. Case in point - one of the first issues I encountered, included an interview with LCD Sound System doing a deep tasting on the Jura. SO FUCKING COOL!!! I've been hooked ever since. It's not cheap to buy a subscription in North America, but if you want to impress the wine nerd in your life, name drop this "zine" and watch eyebrows raise.


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