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I have said it before and I'll say it again - hosting a dinner party, event, gathering, whatever the occasion - will be lackluster if you don't set the mood. The food can be on point, the wine exquisite - but if the atmosphere is dull and lifeless, it's not going to be an event your friends will recall for long. Remember: always think about how you make people FEEL. I achieve this by finding really, really amazing music. Top 40 isn't going to cut it in this case.
Here are some albums I've had on rotation in the last month:

Yellow Days "Harmless Melodies" + "Is Everything Ok In Your World?"

Think: bluesy alt, dripping with soul, a voice reminiscent of Kurt Cobain (this kid is 18 years old, just let that sink in for a minute after you listen to this), with just the perfect amount of reverb.
Wine pairing: Pearl Morissette's 2014 Cab Franc (Jordan, ON), pet nat, orange wine, or any natural wine. Really, only these styles will match the rugged, and disarmingly real nature of Yellow Days' sound.

Camp Lo "Uptown Saturday Night"

Think: 90's hip hop GOLD. I'm lackadaisically sipping Vermentino, grazing a plate of gnocchi covered in brown butter + deep fried sage, surrounded by candle light, the glittering laughter and chatter of friends. Sacrosanct, fuzzy, hazy, and easy.
Wine pairing: Lvnae Colli de Luni 2016 Vermentino

Smalltown DJ's "Best of 2017"

Think: one hour long mash ups that can serve as music to work out to, music to dance to, music to chill out to. These guys have been making their "best of" series for years, with a massive following, and for good reason. They're addictive and will most certainly be added to your regular rotation. And, what's not to love about a mix you can throw on, and not worry about curating your own playlist when it's already done so remarkably for you?
Wine Pairing: Didier Dagueneau Pouilly Fume. You're not going to find anything post 2008, though, as he sadly passed away in a tragic plane crash that year - which makes the wine that much more special. His wines have a huge following, a fan base not unlike the Smalltown DJ's. Only those who know, really know.

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