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Now accepting in person tastings. 

The best part about this experience? It's casual, laid back, down to earth and not stuffy. We'll hang out in a chic and intimate space, dead centre in downtown Toronto, tasting outstanding wines, while you nibble on scratch made food: locally sourced honey, freshly baked pumpkin seed crackers, pork pâté, roasted garlic is what you can expect. I love to cook and pair it with great wine, especially with new people - a big part of this experience is getting to know each other, so I strongly encourage you to relax, enjoy and treat it as though you're kicking back with friends. 

I'll introduce you to a flight of wines  - all poured blind.  Blind tasting is a great way to remove all bias - while you might think you love cabernet sauvignon from Napa - maybe you like pinot noir from Ontario even more! I won't show you the label, or tell you where it's from. All you'll see is what's in your glass - it's just your palate deciding whether you enjoy the wine or not, not your ego, or what your "wine expert" friend told you "is the best". 

You’ll be trying some really fun stuff,  and I'll share all the stories that go with them.